The Beauty of the “And”

September 21, 2018

Does it ever frustrate or sadden you that things in your life aren’t exactly the way that you want them to be? Does the longing for that “perfect picture” undermine your enjoyment of the here and now? Do you allow your emotions to interfere with your choices? Does the way in which you see the world make you feel limited... constrained... stifled?


If so, consider that you may be painting the picture of your life with the “or” brush…

Either I get this job, or I’m a complete failure.

     I’m too nervous to ask for this raise. I’ll just leave it alone, and hope that they notice my hard work.

           I really miss him/her. I won’t ever be able to move on.


Whether you know it or not, by thinking in this way, you are limiting yourself to only 2 choices... either A or B.


Imagine how much color and beauty you can add to your life by painting its picture with a different brush... the “AND”…

I’ll feel disappointed if I don’t get this job... AND I’m not a failure even if I feel disappointed.

     I feel unsure about asking for a raise AND I’m still going to ask because I work hard.

          I wish he/she was still here, AND will still live my life in a way that brings me fulfillment and joy.


By using AND, you open yourself up to more possibilities... to experiencing the fullness of life, with its inevitable low periods, AND commit yourself to truly living a life that’s aligned with your values and goals despite those periods.


If you’re feeling limited AND want to learn to be more open, Level 3 Wellness is here to assist. Contact us at or book a consultation through the site at  You owe it to yourself to be well.



Disclaimer:  The information in this blog post is written to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered.  It is provided with the understanding that the author is not engaged in rendering psychological, mental/emotional/behavioral health consulting, or other professional services to readers. If psychological advice or other expert assistance is needed, the services of a competent mental health professional should be sought.


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