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You owe it to yourself to be well. 

...fully... deeply... unapologetically.

Wellness isn’t just your physical health...

though many of us stop there.

About Level 3

Wellness is mind, body, and spirit.

It’s multifaceted. From the emotions you feel to the actions you take to the decisions you make, wellness underscores so many aspects of your life. Sometimes in life, though, we get stuck in focusing so hard on being well in one area that we inadvertently forget about the others. In laying the foundation of our careers, we unknowingly neglect our closest relationships. In securing “the bag”, we blindly sacrifice health and rest. In constantly extending ourselves to others, we overlook the importance of regularly investing in ourselves.

Wellness is a balance of

the past, present, and future.

Many of us understand that the past is prologue, meaning that our experiences (positive, negative, and somewhere in between) form who we are at present. What some may not understand is that they don’t have to bound by their pasts. While one cannot change the past, one can learn to look back in a healthy way, so that they can move forward in wholeness and wellness.

Wellness is within your reach.

You deserve better. You deserve to feel fulfilled and balanced. You deserve to feel at peace and secure. You deserve a life of purpose, crafted by your own design, rather than one constrained by outside limitations.


I’d love to help guide and empower you in finding balance and crafting a purpose-filled life.

I’m Dr. Shiquina Andrews, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist based in Houston, Texas. Please explore the site to learn more about my background and services

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