Individual Therapy

Do you want to work through your stressors and/or work on your personal goals in a one-on-one setting? If so, individual therapy may be a good fit for you. Click below to learn more about therapy, rates, & insurance, or to request a consultation.

Health Psych Assessment

Do you need a comprehensive mental health evaluation performed before you undertake a complex surgery or procedure (such as transplant, cosmetic surgery, gender-affirming hormone treatment, or weight loss surgery)? If so, I have experience with performing such assessments. Click below to learn more about my services.


Virtual Therapy

"Virtual" therapy?! You mean, I'll have meetings with a CGI robot? Of course not. We'll be two very real people, conducting very real therapy, over a secure, internet-based, video-conferencing platform. It's sometimes called "online counseling" or "tele-mental health". Click below to learn more or (if you're already a client) find the shortcut to my virtual waiting room.


For Helping Professionals

You answered the call to help others. You've devoted countless hours and extensive resources to achieve your career. However, you also need to regularly invest in yourself to ensure that you can continue to fulfill your purpose. If you're working in medicine, nursing, social work, psychology, or education... Let me support you. Click below to learn about my interest in working with you and your colleagues.


Group Therapy

Group therapy can be helpful when people want to interact with and learn from others with similar life experiences. It challenges clients in ways not possible with one-on-one therapy.  Finally, groups can be a great opportunity to explore yourself in relation to others in a safe space, find solidarity, or learn to accept feedback in a healthy way.

Click below to learn about our current groups.

Training & Consultation

Providers, do you need someone to discuss behaviorally or personally complex cases with?


Professionals, are you eager to learn more about mental health topics that are relevant to your work?


Practice managers and administrators, are you interested in offering your staff dynamic, interactive workshops that can have a direct impact on patient/student and staff/employee satisfaction?


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