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Why focus on “helping professionals”?

As you’ve read from my background, I was trained as a health psychologist. This means that I’ve worked (and learned) within various interdisciplinary health teams, alongside colleagues in medicine, nursing, and social work. I am the granddaughter of a former post-secondary educator; many of my loved ones are current educators of various levels. Having either loved or worked with others in the helping professions, I bore witness to the additional stress associated with these professions in particular. Depending on training and other factors, professionals in these fields may neglect or delay self-care. If you’re in these fields... reflect on your training experiences, job climate, and professional ethics and culture as it relates to caring for yourself vs. others.

I truly believe that facilitating wellness in those that work within medicine, nursing, social work, psychology, and education will have a ripple effect that positively impacts many more people than I can reach alone. Not only will addressing holistic wellness in these professional populations improve the professional's personal satisfaction and career longevity... it will also have reverberating impact on the lives of the patients, clients, students, families, and communities they serve. As Level 3 Wellness grows, I plan to offer special one-on-one wellness plan coaching, stress management skills workshops, and others just for you and those in your field. Please stay tuned for more details.

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