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Group Therapy

Group therapy can be a great way to learn new skills alongside others with similar goals, life experiences, and struggles. It can compliment individual therapy by allowing you to “test the waters” of newly acquired skills in a safe, professionally-led therapeutic space. Finally, groups can introduce you to people with different perspectives, whose insights can help you to examine yourself and grow. Dr. Andrews loves program development, so she will periodically create and offer unique and exciting groups for populations not-so-often thought of. Keep checking this website and the Level 3 Wellness Instagram account for new group announcements. More details for current groups is noted below.

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Revisiting Our Sexual Experiences:

A Brief, Sexual Exploration Program for Women


Session Length: 75 minutes

Number of Sessions: 5

Price per Session: $40

Group Size: 5-7 women per cohort (closed cohorts)

Meeting Day: Flexible per cohort consensus

Open for Enrollment? Yes

Description: From the time that we were girls, we’ve gotten overt and covert messages about what it means to be a woman... Which behaviors that are “acceptable” for women... What makes a woman valuable, worthy of admiration versus condemnation. From the time that we were girls, we’ve also learned about sex and sexuality, either through societal messaging or direct experience. In this brief group, women will explore their sexual self-schema (thoughts and beliefs about sex and sexuality), understand how those schema were formed and reinforced, and consider modifying those schema if unhelpful or unhealthy. This group will be an atmosphere in which women can openly discuss sexuality without externally imposed guilt, shame, or fear of judgment. If you’re having concerns about sexual desire or pleasure, and the way in which your thoughts and beliefs about sex impact those, this may be the perfect group for you. Contact for more details.

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